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10 Remarkable Gadgets That Help You Track Your Fitness and Health

Modern gadgets and devices have significantly changed the way we behave, communicate and experience the world. These devices offer a lot of functionality, particularly when it comes to communication and the business world.


On the other hand, in the past couple of years, a great improvement has been made in terms of gadgets that can help people improve their training habits; no matter if they are professional or amateur athletes, or even just looking to lose some weight, people can now precisely measure their results.

Additionally, there are various devices that can also track your vitals throughout the day and night. If you are interested in leading a healthier lifestyle, these are some gadgets that you should consider.


Vert has been specifically created for professional athletes. However, if you are an advanced user who does more training than the average Joe, this device will provide you with incredibly precise measurements.


The device is specially created for measuring jumps and athlete’s acceleration rates during the run. This is incredibly important in the professional world, especially for those who are looking for ways to further improve their performance.

The fact that this device offers incredible details about workouts, it is a perfect tool for professional athletes and coaches who are looking for ways to improve their team’s performance. Most importantly, the insight that this device provides for athletes is also going to keep them healthy, so if you are a professional, this device comes in pretty handy.


This gadget is aimed at professionals who are into sports such as baseball, tennis and golf, where swing is one of the most important skills that allows you to progress. The device is equipped with a variety of accelerometers and gyrometers which uses a Bluetooth connection to send the data to a smartphone or tablet. The data is related to the acceleration, power and angle of every single swing that you make.


Collecting this data will allow you to work on improving your swings and therefore help your performance in these sports. It is a perfect device for beginners, who usually have many problems with getting the swing right. You should consider this gadget even if you are an amateur, as it will greatly improve your performance, making every game you play more interesting.


This is a very practical device and should be found in every single household around the globe. It is a scale that is specifically designed to measure different important parameters about your body, making it very useful for amateurs, professionals and even those who are not on a workout regimen.


The software allows the scale to measure body mass index, muscle mass, bone composition and body fat percentage. These are the most important factors when it comes to health, and having a daily insight into these parameters is necessary if you want to stay healthy.

MisFit Shine

This is a very unique fitness tracker that is also water resistant. Despite the fact that it keeps track numerous data and measurements, it boasts very long battery life, which is a big problem for the majority of fitness trackers. This simple tracker can be connected and integrated in a variety of applications from your smartphone.


If you are looking for ways to measure your everyday activity and get motivated, this device is perfect for you. The minimalistic look makes it very stylish, while it offers a very long battery life.


Belty is perfect for people who are sedentary. As you can guess, this device comes in the form of a belt that is your constant fitness tracker. The device features a vibration alarm that is there to remind you to stand up and take a walk when you have been sedentary for longer periods of time.


As long time sitting is incredibly unhealthy, and this device is going to help you combat your stationery lifestyle. It uses a variety of different sensors to learn your current habits and help you shift to better ones, which are going to make you more active.

GymWatch Sensor

There are millions of people who are regular gym visitors. This device was designed by a team from Germany with the goal of helping all the gym goers improve their form during the workouts. All of the data is sent to the companion app that the company offers, and it points out ways in which you can further improve your exercise form and performance.


The device is placed on the arms or legs, depending on the muscles you are working on. This is a great gadget that is going to keep you safe in a gym, so make sure that you purchase it to improve your overall weight lifting exercises.

It Bed

There are many tiny gadgets that are aimed at providing more details about how you sleep, but this is something completely different. It Bed is a specially designed mattress that contains numerous sensors used to monitor how well you are sleeping. While offering ultimate comfort for its users, the devices measures a number of other factors in your surroundings to notify you about the best sleeping conditions.


For example, the bed will let you know on what temperature is optimal for you. The devices syncs with a variety of different gadgets. Tracking your sleeping habits is very important, as it affects your general health a lot, so if you are someone who has trouble sleeping, this bed is going to solve any possible issues that you might have.


This device is aimed at people who are suffering from certain types of chronic pain. It is a square-shaped device designed to periodically use electric stimulation. The device needs to be calibrated before use, because different stimulation levels are used for different physiological states, meaning that it will work different for people with different weight.


Finis Neptune

Many people enjoy listening to music as they workout. However, things get a bit more complicated when it comes to swimmers. This gadget is specifically aimed at those who would like to listen to music while they are underwater. The gadget comes with 4GB of internal storage, which is more than enough for storing music.


What makes this device unique is that it uses a specific technology, bone conduction audio, which plays music for the user without the need for earplugs. A battery lasts for 8 hours of music, so the user does not have to worry about constantly recharging it.


For those who are into extreme sports, this tracker is a must. This fitness tracker was designed for people who are interested in tracking the extreme sports results such as skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. The company behind the gadgets boasts about its durability and the fact that it is completely waterproof.

The tracker syncs with your mobile device, which makes it quite handy, not to mention the variety of parameters that it is capable of measuring. If you want to improve your extreme sport stunts, picking up this device is great way to go; it is going to allow you to follow your progress from a completely different perspective.


These are some of the most popular and useful devices that people around the world are using. If you already own a smartphone, you can also begin measuring your fitness performance and progress. There are plenty of software solutions that will help you achieve this goal, but make sure to read fitness software reviews to find the best tool that will help you stay active.

Keep in mind that this will put more stress on your phone’s battery, which is the main reason why people decide to go with peripheral trackers, as they only send the collected data to the phone, saving the battery life.

It is good to see that technology is becoming more focused on improving and maintaining the health of people around the globe, and all that is left for you to do is get out and become more active; you will enjoy the experience, especially when you have all these tools to track your progress.

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