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4 Reasons that Couples Consider Using Egg Donation Agencies


For a couple hoping to add a baby to their family, any obstacle to that dream can feel overwhelming.  In these circumstances, couples have many options to consider; there are many avenues to become parents and many agencies willing to help families receive their baby. Specifically, through the use of egg donors, couples unable to conceive on their own, have the chance to expand their family. A couple may opt to use the services of egg donation agencies for the following five reasons.

Medical conditions

Certain medical issues or disorders may make it impossible for a woman to conceive. In these instances, a woman will undergo IVF treatment using a donated egg and her partner’s sperm. Examples of such medical conditions include:

  • Missing ovary (i.e.. ovary removed due to cancer)
  • Endometriosis: the scarring associated with endometriosis often leads to poor egg quality
  • POF (premature ovarian failure): a disorder in which the egg quality diminishes during an early menopause
  • Anovulatory cycles

Same-sex couples and others in the LGBT community

Couples in the LGBT community face unique hurdles when trying to grow their family. For instance, a male same-sex couple will not only require the services of an egg donor but also of a surrogate. Reputable egg donation agencies have the resources and experience to guide same-sex couples through the process of choosing an egg donor before selecting a surrogate.

Note: Egg donors are not necessarily the same woman that will act as a  surrogate; although, in a traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s own egg is used. In a gestational surrogacy, the egg of the donor is used during IVF treatments.


A couple may opt to use the services of egg donation agencies even if they are psychically able to achieve a pregnancy. In order to avoid passing down certain genetic disorders, a woman may forego using her own eggs and instead use a donor egg for her IVF treatments. If you are unsure about your genetics or have questions regarding this matter, genetic counseling can help you assess if using an egg donor is right for your unique genetic situation.

Poor egg quality (or lack of eggs)

Poor egg quality is another reason why couples turn to egg donation as a way to achieve a pregnancy. Egg quality (and quantity) is affected by health as well as age. For example, egg quality can be diminished through cancer treatments or simply as part of the natural process of aging. Low egg count can result in inability to achieve while poor egg quality can increase risk of certain abnormalities in the growing fetus.

No matter why you are considering using egg donation, using an egg donor gives your family the chance to fulfill your dreams of expanding.

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