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5 Different Spa Treatments to Try this Autumn


As summer turns to winter, the leaves begin to fall, the temperatures begin to drop and the nights draw in, it is not uncommon for changes within our bodies and minds to also occur as we adjust to these new weather conditions, darker nights and cooler days.

To ensure these harsher conditions don’t get the better of us though, here are just five ideas as to different spa treatments to try this autumn.

  1. Wraps

Winter can leave skin dry, dull and even sore. Hence, the popularity of facial skincare spa treatments rocket in the winter months. But it isn’t just our faces that can suffer during the harsh winter months and one of the best ways, as explained via the team at Holmer Park Spa, to combat this is to indulge in a body wrap as they are ‘the number one choice for boosting your skin’s health and appearance’.

Further, for more ideas about how to boost your skin’s glow and how to do so at home, visit the Holmer Park Blog and give their 2016 Skin Care Revolution feature a read.

  1. Scrubs

Another dry, tired skin banishing treatment is the body scrub. Body scrubs do not just revitalise the skin by rubbing away dry, flaky and dead skin and essentially buffing and polishing us up. The act of scrubbing the skin (when carried out by a professional using specially formulated products and techniques) helps to encourage and improve blood circulation.

To learn more about the benefits of body scrubs and why autumn is the perfect season in which to get into the habit of having a good old scrub, head over to The Good Spa Guide website.

  1. Mud Baths

A body scrub is also useful in that it best prepares a person for a mud treatment by opening up and activating our skins pores. Hence, for double the results and to experience twice the feel good factor, indulge in a body scrub before hitting the mud bath or chamber at your local spa.

Mud treatments aren’t just beneficial during the autumn and winter seasons because they can help to hydrate, soften, moisturise and rejuvenate skin, they are also a really fun way to socialise, catch up with friends or even enjoy a date, all of which will in turn also boost your mental and emotional wellbeing and help stave off the fall and winter blues.

To learn more about mud treatments and specifically about the benefits of Rasul mud treatments, you can do so via the Essential Beauty Magazine website and by reading their article: The Rasul Mud Treatment.

  1. Light Therapies

As explored via the Bustle website article: How the Body Changes in the Fall, autumn affects us on a physiological level in numerous ways. Not only does our heart rate increase during autumn along with our chances of becoming dehydrated; in autumn, and due to the dropping amount of natural sun, it is also common to experience a drop in mood and mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Fortunately, spa treatments these days don’t only focus on the body. In fact, many UK spas now offer light treatments. To learn more about spa based light therapy, visit The Pure Spa website. Meanwhile, to learn more about how, specifically, natural light and a lack of it impacts on our health and wellbeing, give the AccuWeather website a visit and read their feature: Three Undesirable Ways Fall / Winter May Affect You.

  1. Massage

Wet, cold and harsh weather can play havoc with us and our bodies, with many people reporting more muscle soreness, stiffness and joint aches and pains in the fall and winter months. Then, a simple yet effective way to unknot, unwind and undo much of these bodily aches and pains is to opt for a good old Swedish massage.

To learn more about the specific benefits of Swedish massage and what they involve visit the Live Strong website.

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