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5 Points To Deciding On The Perfect Yoga Mat!

If you are starting yoga classes, you need to get a yoga mat. A yoga mat offers the right kind of cushioning and support for those poses and movements and ensures that you have a great session. Of course, buying the first mat can be confusing, given that we have so many options today. Even a few years, yoga mats were blue, made of vinyl with a standard look. Now, the options are much more varied and unique. Here are the things that must be checked before buying a new mat.


  • The first and foremost consideration is the thickness. The thickness of your yoga mat largely determines the kind of support you would get, and that’s important for most of the poses. Typically, most of the mats are 1/8 inch thick, which is decent and good for anyone who wants to use the mat on not-so-extreme hard surface. However, if you intend to travel and want to carry your mat everywhere, look for ultra thin choices that come with a thickness of 1/16 inch.
  • The next important consideration is the material. If you are looking for eco-friendly choices, cotton and jute are your best friends, but make sure that you double check for maintenance. Cotton has textured surface, which offers firm support, but at the same time, it is hard to maintain and doesn’t last as much as PVC options. If you aren’t allergic to latex, you can try natural rubber mats, as well.


  • Some people do want to contribute to the world in a better, and they always tend to go for eco friendly products that are good for nature. Cotton, rubber and jute are the best materials for the same, although you will have to pay attention to other things, including maintenance, which is the next factor on the list.
  • When it comes to best yoga mats, one has to consider maintenance, as well. PVC mats aren’t eco friendly for sure, but these can be cleaned easily using a simple damp cloth. Make sure that you decide on this factor because not everyone has the time to clean mats frequently. Some of the designs are designed to be machine friendly, but these are usually very thin, which means you will have to sacrifice on the cushioning.
  • Finally, the look of your mat is also something you cannot ignore. There is a whole range of colors and designs, and you can even buy textured ones. Texture isn’t just for style and looks, but it also works wonders in offering grip for the feet and hands as you do the poses. Styles and design is a matter of personal choice, but don’t look for extremely light colors, because those can need frequent cleaning.


Depending on your needs, you can take a look online and find the right options. Do compare a few mats by reading the reviews of experts and feedback from other users. After all, this is a singular investment for at least a couple of years.

Author Bio:  Emily Jones has thousands of reader followers in all parts of the world, who love her for inputs on fitness and a healthy life. She is also an expert on yoga and Pilates.


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