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7 Things about Wisdom Teeth

\What is a wisdom tooth?  For sure you already heard about this though you night have no idea if you have one or it is impacted for that matter. A wisdom tooth is the last tooth that will grow in anybody. Most of the time,  a person can have 4 wisdom teeth but there also those who have fewer and those that have more. Does everyone have wisdom teeth? The answer is yes though there are also times when the wisdom teeth of others are impacted or they have teeth under their gums. When this happens, most of the time this tooth will be removed or extracted at that.

To find out more about wisdom teeth, feel free to check out below:

  • Most of the time, wisdom teeth are extracted. Especially when the wisdom tooth is impacted, it could mean that it dis not make it outside the gums. As situation like this can cause pain, the dentist might just decide to have the problematicwisdom tooth removed.
  • Once the root is infected, tooth extraction might be inevitable. However, if for some reason the patient will delay the treatment, this can be done as well. However, you should know that if you are this patient, you will be experiencing pain at times.
  • So that you won’t get into any problem when it comes to your wisdom teeth, you should maintain commendable oral hygiene. Note that because of their location, wisdom teeth can be a struggle to clean. At the same time, impacted wisdom tooth can be hard to clean as well since part of the tooth isunder its gums.

  • Not everyone has wisdom teeth or tooth for that matter. It I said that about 9 to 30 percent don’t have wisdom tooth actually.
  • For those who have wisdom tooth, they should know that while they are still in their 20s, there is a good chance that their wisdom tooth is not yet in its final position. This means that it could still erupt in the latter years.
  • According to the experts, the reason why there ate third molars is because our ancestors before are used to eating hard foods. Thus the wisdom teeth are used to assist their other common teeth. But because most of our foods these days are actually softer, it is said that wisdom teeth are already functionless. Modern evolutionary biologists call this, vestigial organs.
  • When you need to undergo wisdom tooth extraction, you must be careful when the entire process is done already. Some of the things you should do are: – as much as possible, there should be no activity of the mouth for at least 2 hours –eat Or drink cold things as long as they don’t need you to chew –must not do heavy work for at least two days–when cleaning your teeth, be careful not to hit the part of the extracted tooth.

Yes, not everyone has wisdom teeth. It really pays to know about your teeth so that you will know how to maintain them and what will happen if you neglect them.

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David is a dentist and he says that it only takes to maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent your wisdom tooth from extracted.

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