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Blood pressure and grape extracts:

Among three varieties of grapes, muscadine grape is the rarest grape. They are also known as Vitis rotundifolia. These are only found in US. They are available in southeastern region in US. There are more than 300 varieties of muscadine grapes are grown in US. Usually these are consumed after peeling their skin because they have very thick skin. This is the main property which differentiates them from other varieties of grapes.


When it comes to benefits of grapes, modern medicine practice considers anecdotal evidences. Medical industry is interested in both skins and seeds of the grapes and their benefits. Many studies are now focusing mainly on benefits of grape seed extracts in regulating blood pressure in an individual.

Grape seed extracts are really effective in improving cardiovascular health. This is due to the compound called flavonoids in them. They are effective in working against high blood pressure and regulating cholesterol levels in the body. There were arguments on its use for regulating blood pressure and chronic venous insufficiency.

This is because a study has reported that it can only regulate systolic blood pressure but was not successful in balancing diastolic blood pressure.

Recent studies have shown that it can reduce both the types of blood pressures systolic and diastolic. They have also reported that only using this one can control high blood pressure and need not use any other prescription medications for the same.

Use in diabetes:

Studies have proved that grape seed extract is effective in individuals having type II diabetes. This has lead to a conclusion that this can be a preferable solution because it comes with least side effects. Since grape seed extract even exhibits positive effects on reducing blood pressure, it can be used in mainstream medicine as well.

Use in obesity:

Studies have proved that grape seed extract is useful in metabolic disorders. This is the reason it can be used even in improving overall health in an individual.

Obesity is one of the factors that can lead to the development of diabetes. Grape seed extract can be useful in the reduction of appetite. It also limits the accumulation and absorption of fat.

Obesity is considered to be a risk factor for developing diabetes. Grape seed extract has been indicated in not only limiting appetite but also reducing absorption and accumulation of fat. Some of the phyto- chemicals present in grape seed extracts is observed to inhibit accumulation of fat in adipose tissues. This tissue stores excess of fat in the body. Along with reducing blood pressure grape seed extract can work against the issues which usually cause high blood pressure. So today many of the companies are releasing products containing grape seed extracts. It is available even in online stores. It is released both in powder and crushed forms. Buying the powder form of grape seed extract is considered more economical. This powder should be taken along with food since it is not fluid soluble. If the target is to reduce blood pressure then the recommended dose of grape seed extract is 150 mg to 300 mg. This should be taken on daily basis.

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