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Erectile Dysfunction – What Is And What Can Be Done About It?

With recent advances in medical science, including the easy availability of oral agents such as Viagra, you don’t have to worry too much even if you have erectile dysfunction. You can still lead a full sex life with medication like Kamagra, Viagra, etc. But before jumping into medication, let us understand what erectile dysfunction (ED) is. See the infographic below for quick understanding of the subject.

Are you wondering if you really need to seek medical help for your problems? The following are the specific conditions which might warrant a visit to your urologist:

  • You rarely have erections when you get up in the morning or while sleeping.
  • When you’re trying to masturbate, you cannot get an erection.
  • You cannot maintain an erection until you ejaculate.
  • You get an erection only just before you ejaculate.
  • You have very low or perhaps even zero libido.

If your erections are good sometimes but not all the time, or only with a certain partner, it could mean that the erectile dysfunction is not caused by body chemistry but it could be because of your lack of chemistry with certain people. In this case, you do not need treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, even if you think your problem is purely psychological, it would be a good idea to make an appointment with a urologist. The urologist will then be able to find out if there are any physical problems at all which may not have been aware of and should possibly take treatment for.

Visit the urologist who is experienced in sexual problems. It is a good idea to see a professional who diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction on a regular basis, and is updated about the latest treatment and research. If you do not already know a urologist, check with your family doctor to make an appointment. Your family doctor may be able to recommend a specialist.

Before you visit the urologist, make sure that you’re completely prepared with all details about your medical history. Accurate, comprehensive, and honest information will help the urologist get to the root of the problem very quickly. If you feel uncomfortable with one particular doctor, remember that you can always visit someone else.

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