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Get Oriented with the Most Common Types of Meditation

Aside from your regular working out routines which can be quite tiring at times, yoga and meditation are also two alternatives that can generate weight reduction. Well, weight reduction is not really their primary bottom line. However, it is one of the many benefits that can be generated. Meditation specifically focuses more in generating self-awareness and in relaxing your mind. You will likewise learn to cope with stress which is really important. Stress is probably the most common problem almost each of us deals every day. The thing is, this is really quite detrimental thus learning how to cope with this is quite crucial for one’s health.

There are times though when meditating is quite a challenge because concentrating seems an ordeal. Is this also one of your problems every time you want to meditate? This can be addressed though if you will incorporate in your meditation session mala beads. There are different mala beads you can choose from and depending on how you will use them, you should be able to find the perfect choice from MeditativeWisdom.com. You should check them out as aside from mala beads, they also offer other meditation accessories like cushions and a lot more.


You don’t only have a number of options when it comes to mala beads, but you have also a lot of choices when it comes to the types of meditation. Check out below the most common types:

Concentration Meditation

Your bottom line here is from what the term implies and that is to concentrate. You might think this is easy but this is one of the hardest parts in meditation. You might be able to concentrate easily in just a matter of seconds but staying in that state is the challenging part. Here are some of the most potent techniques that can help you:


  • Zen meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Om meditation
  • Shine or Samadhi meditation
  • Chakra meditation

Reflective Meditation

This refers to disciplined thinking. For you to focus on something, you have to come up with a question, these or topic you can think about. Your meditation will then focus in answering the questions or thinking about your choice of topics. There might be time where your mind will wander in other topics, but you should work it out so that it will focus again in your original topic. Check out these suggested topics below:


  • Who are you
  • What is your purpose in life
  • What is your role in this world
  • Can you help in removing the sufferings of others?

Heart Centered Meditation

This type of meditation will help you to not dwell in your sadness and fears. This is likewise known as the chakra meditation. Doing this meditation in a regular basis will not only help you deal with your own problems, but at the same time, will also enable you to help others who have the same problems with you.


Yes, meditation is indeed good for your wellness. Thus check out the site mentioned now and be inspired with their array of mala beads to assist you in your meditation sessions.


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