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Hair Loss – It could Happen to Anyone


The dreaded hair loss that we all fear is not particular where it strikes, and women are just as likely to be affected as men, especially in their later years. Hair loss can occur with anyone at any time. How human hair grows is similar to how vegetables grow, it depends on what’s underneath. Similar to a garden, the end product is the hair, and if it is to be healthy, a person’s diet and general health need to be right. Hair goes through growth cycles, and these can be affected by diet, medication, and even stress, and when that occurs, the new hair growth is greatly reduced, and in some cases, can stop altogether.

Growth Cycles

Human hair grows in three main cycles, anagen, catagen, and telogen, and 90% of your hair is in the anagen, or growth phase. The catagen usually lasts for two or three weeks, when the follicle shrinks, and then the telogen phase lasts for two months, and during which time the hair rests. Only 10% of the hair on your head is in the resting phase, the rest should be growing. One common cause of women’s hair loss is genetic, and typically affects a woman in her fifties, when the hair begins to thin on top of the scalp.

Medical Conditions

Aside from hereditary reasons, a person’s medical condition is the most likely cause of hair loss, especially if it comes on suddenly. Here are a few causes of hair loss,

  • Pregnancy
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Anemia
  • Psoriasis
  • Seborrheic dermatitis

Autoimmune disease can also cause hair loss, as can extreme stress, an intense illness, or sudden trauma, and taking too much vitamin A is also known to be a contributory factor in hair loss.


This might be an effective treatment against cancer, but one of the side-effects is total hair loss. This is embarrassing for the patient, although the hair will grow back within a few months of ceasing the treatment.


Over-treating your Hair

This can cause hair loss, too much heat, or tight braids can damage the follicles and this can be the outset of the problem. Dyes, chemicals, tight brushes, all go some way towards damaging healthy hair, and if you continue to subject your hair to rigorous treatments without giving it a rest, hair loss can be the result. Towelling and aggressive rubbing of wet hair can also damage the new follicles, and result in hair loss.

Seek Professional Help

If you notice your hair falling out in increasing quantities, or you wake up and there are clumps of hair on the pillow, talk to your local dermatologist, who should be able to diagnose your condition and suggest suitable treatment.

Hair Extensions

These are an ideal way to bridge the gap until your natural hair starts to regrow again, and modern solutions mean you can continue with your active lifestyle, confident that your hair looks and feels great. There has never been a better time to look for hair loss solutions, especially with the human hair extensions available today, and with the right application, your life will be enhanced by that boost in self-confidence.

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