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How to Use Liquid Clenbuterol Syrup to Lose Weight

Clen is available in many forms for consumption like pills, syrup and powder. Liquid Clen is actually syrup called Clenbuterol Hydrochloride used as a bronchodilator. Even in liquid form, Clen has a thermogenic effect which means it increases the body temperature by certain amount which is the reason for weight loss. It is no different from a pill in terms of its ingredients. But the concern is that liquid Clen is not produced on high standards.

Liquid Clen: Dosage of liquid Clen

Like we said, liquid Clen is not prepared in high standards and hence its effectiveness will depend on the active ingredients in it. That also implies that Clenbuterol liquid dosage clearly depends on the quality of the liquid you have purchased.

Liquid Clen bottle usually has a 1ml dropper. Preferably use the same dropper to measure your dose.

Liquid Clen dose should be divided into 2 doses. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Try taking it before 4pm to avoid any sleeping problems you may have. Take liquid Clen for 2-3 weeks and then give a break for 2-3 weeks.

Always start at low dose of 20mcg for women and 40 mcg for men. You can slowly increase it depending on your body’s acceptance and tolerance.

Measuring liquid:

The bottle is available in potency read as microgramsper milliliter potency (mcg/ml). In general liquid Clen is available in 200mcg per milliliter potency.

If you want to take 20mcg, you need to measure it properly. So, 1/10th of mcg/ml will make mcg.

For example, if the bottle is 200mcg/ml, 1/10th of it will be 20 mcg.

Things to avoid when taking liquid Clen

  1. As you are taking liquid form, though you have measured the dose, it is always advisable to drip the drops in a spoon rather than directly taking it.
  2. Absorption of liquid Clen starts right away in your oral cavity. So, you need special care about physical training required with Clen.
  3. When taking liquid Clen in injection form, it is advisable to change the locations to target the fat concentrated in different areas.

Note: Liquid Clen isvery effective and hence can have increased side effects.

How to use it?

Liquid Clen can be consumed mixed with other drinks or can be taken as it is. Note that liquid Clen is also available in injection form. You need to carefully administer the dose of liquid Clen. Always use micro spoons to measure it. If you are looking to dilute Clen with other drinks like most people do, then assuming that you have a good quality product, you can just count the drops that you want to take and mix it up. If your body cannot tolerate high dose of Clen at once, you can divide the dose into 2 halves and take it during the day. Remember that liquid Clen has high potential for side effects. So you should be sure of the concentration of the drink and the dose you are taking.

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