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Major Pros & Cons of Lasik Eye Surgery You Should Keep In Mind

Over the last few years, lasik eye surgery has become very popular across the globe. Not only has it shown a new path to those who had almost given up on their lives, but also improved the overall success rate of such treatments. Even though it has widely become popular, there are many things about lasik eye surgery that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of these pros and cons on lasik eye surgery

No Pain And Quick Results

One of the major reasons why most people avoid going for eye surgeries is because they think these surgeries are painful and can cause permanent blindness. Little do they know that science has changed everything lately. In the case of lasik eye surgery, patients don’t feel any change at all. Plus the recovery time is pretty quick. So within a matter of few days, one can think of returning back to his normal. It’s as simple as that.

Safety Is Not A Concern Anymore

Given the technology that is available for everyone and the quality of training most eye experts receive, the chances of unexpected results are very minimal. Out of all the cases of this type of eye surgery, 99.99% carry a positive track record, which is more than most other medical treatments. If you are planning to undergo this surgery in the near future, then you can go ahead without any second though. It’s completely safe and risk-free.

Sensitivity To Light

Even though most cases of lasik surgery have positive results, sometimes the patient faces light sensitivity. If not paid attention to at the right time, then it may also cause night blindness and night glare. In case any of your relatives has faced any such issue in the past, then don’t worry. It’s not as severe as it may sound. After a few days of the surgery, the light sensitivity issue clears up and things return to normal.

Apart from this adverse effect, patients may also feel issues like dry eye, vision problem, and other normal issues, which if taken seriously at the right time can be dealt with in a hassle-free manner. Lest you or any of your relative is facing eyesight problems at present, and want to go for a surgery, then make sure you collect relevant information well in advance. Take a close look at the points mentioned here and clear your doubts before undergoing the surgery.


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