The use of clen should be a conscious decision because this drug is life changing supplement which can make or mar your health. It is best that you consult a medical health care professional to guide you through the whole process. For any substance there is the good, bad and the ugly. If you follow the dosage and trainers advice things will be in the good but self medication can turn things from bad to really worse situations which you may not contemplate.

The good effects of clen

It hits the right areas of fat deposition especially the abdomen. It releases the hormone adrenaline into the blood, which gives us the extra strength to our muscles and finally it expands the arteries which allows extra flow of blood to the muscles, thus expanding them and allowing their growth.

It acts as hormone, adrenaline in the body, clen imitates the function of the aforementioned hormone which in turn increase the protein synthesis and simultaneously break down fat as a result you have the dual benefit of muscle production and fat loss which is the number choice for people who want the sculpted look.

There are many effects after taking Clenbuterol. The body is instigated by clen usage to find means to oxidise fat stored in the body and hence burn it up in the process, hence only retaining the muscle intact. This breakage releases energy which helps in the strenuous workouts.

Side effects of clenbuterol

Every drug has pros and cons, though some are severe some less. The use and abuse have to be in mind as constant usage and the amount taken into the body, the authenticity of the medicine procured, body type and the ailments the body previously had before, the diet, exercise and most important of all whether you are addicted to the drug.

Many side effects are listed and not all of them may occur to the same person and perhaps not together. Headaches, cramps, palpitations, nausea, insomnia, hypertension, sweating, increased appetite, nervousness, muscular tremors and possible cardiac hypertrophy.

Usually these can be subsided by ephedrine tablets, coffee or other caffeinated drinks, aspirin to relieve some of the above mentioned side effects. Muscular cramps can be relieved by a dosage of taurine, with adequate amount of liquid intake, consuming bananas as they have high potassium content will reliever the stomach cramps and not harmless liver. The headaches can be relieved by the take of aspirin or caffeine.

Contamination of food by clen

Since clen is fed to livestock and poultry to increase their muscle mass, in turn these are consumed by humans who make them liable to the counter effects of the steroid. Meat especially from china and other European countries contained clen. Many people suffered numerous health concerns and many died too. Since then clen has been banned in the use for livestock and poultry farming.

It can now be seen by the above that clen has good and the bad effects on the body. Clen may be the defining moment for a makeover of your body, but its ill effects aren’t far behind.

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