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The Right Dosage for Testosterone Gel

The gel version of testosterone is one of the many products available in the market for increase in the testosterone levels in the body. This form is considered to be one of the safest, yet the most potent that gets absorbed by the skin directly flowing to the blood stream and providing the desired outcome. A daily application of the gel in 5gm, 7.5gm or 10gm per application to be applied to the skin surface directly out of which only about 10% of the dose gets absorbed within a 24 hours period. This is a general observation as some users tend to produce higher than the normal testosterone levels while others may barely produce any effects.

Doctors prescribing a candidate for treatment with Testosterone gel limit the initial dosage up to 50gm applied topically in the morning on the shoulders and upper arms and the abdominal area same time every day. To ensure that the proper dosing guideline is followed the serum concentration should be measured at regular intervals. This will help to determine whether the concentration level is below or above the normal range in accordance to which the dosage intake will be titrated.The application of the gel version is not interchangeable with another version of testosterone products.

Undertaking certain precautionary measures

The testosterone gel form is generally used as the first line of treatment among men for complications like hypogonadism, andropause, and menopause. One of the major benefits that this compound provides is its less invasive ability in comparison to the injectable version. However, certain precautionary measures need to be undertaken to ensure the safe application of this medicine. Due to the presence of inactive ingredients in this compound, it is safe to tell the pharmacist of any allergic reactions that the users are prone to.

As there is a possibility of transfer of this medicine to others due to its external application, it must be used with extreme caution. If by chance any women or child comes into direct contact with such gel, the area should be washed away immediately to avoid the risk of any side effects like mood swings and libido changes.In the case of entry of this medicine into the eye,it should be washed away immediately and necessary medical help must be sought as soon as possible.Nursing or pregnant women should avoid its application due to the lack of sufficient scientific evidence obtained till date.

Need for a prescription

Testosterone gel having the potency for abuse or misuse is labeled as a controlled and regulated substance in many states. Therefore, the genuine gel form is a prescription only product. Suppliers marketing such product should not provide a candidate for treatment with Testosterone gel without obtaining a prescription forma medical practitioner. Violating the laid down rules and regulations relating to the purchase, sale, possession, and use of such supplement can lead to severe legal actions on the part of the convict. Thus, it is recommended to research well about the legal status of testosterone gel before placing an order, either on the online or the physical market.

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