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Things You Should Be Knowing About Dental Implants & Implantology

Dental implants are nothing but the artificial teeth roots that are placed in the mouth via a surgical process to support the dental prostheses such as the denture, crown or bridge. The process by which dental implants are placed in the mouth is called implantology. There are many people who lose their teeth in various accidents or other incidents. And just because of this, they can neither smile freely or eat their favorite dish anymore. It somehow instills a feeling of self-doubt and misery in them, which is very dangerous.


For decades, people thought that putting removable bridge or teeth set in the mouth was the only available solution and cure to the broken teeth, but that’s not the case anymore. Now with the advanced medical science, people can take the help of dental implants and live a normal life once again. In case you’re planning to give dental implantology a try for yourself or any loved one, then you should first focus on some important points about dental implant and implantology-

  • Don’t think that such surgeries have very low success rate. If performed by any expert, the success ratio of dental implants goes as high as 95%. It simply means that every 95 implantology surgeries out of 100 are successful. The only thing that you should focus on is getting it done by a good dentist.
  • Some people even doubt that after getting the dental implant done, they won’t be feeling natural just like old days. It’s another misconception that you should not focus on. The technology has reached to all new heights in today’s time and you shouldn’t doubt its boundaries. After getting the dental implant done, you’ll continue to feel as good as you used to feel in the old days. Not even 1% less than that. So, whatever it is that you like to have, you can eat it after the implant is done.


All you need to try is contact a good clinique implantologie which is well known in the area and carries a good track record. It’s great if you know a good dentist, otherwise take the help of any of your friend or relative and get it done as soon as possible.

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