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Top Health Facts Worth Knowing About Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser tattoo removal is one of the best and most advanced ways to get rid of tattoos. If you are bored with the ink on your body, you can choose to remove the tattoo. Just like you would pay attention to the tattoo studio at the time of getting inked, you will have to spend more time in deciding on tattoo removal. In this post, we will cover 10 aspects of removing tattoos with laser that you probably didn’t know about.


  • Laser tattoo removal is not just effective, but it is also great removing all kinds of colors, with limited risks of scarring. Basically, there are two ways to remove tattoo with laser. The first one is called ‘active’ laser removal, which is better than other option of ‘passive’ removal. With Active Q-Switched laser, it is possible to remove all kinds of florescent colors, such as green and yellow, which are often impossible to remove otherwise.
  • Laser removal is not suited for anyone who is prone to scarring. Do check with your doctor if you are susceptible to keloid scarring. You also need to understand that laser removal of tattoos can take much longer time and more sessions as compared to getting a design done. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you may have to take anywhere between five to twelve sessions, and there will be an ideal gap between two treatments, which means that the treatment can last for a few months. With people who have complex and colored tattoos, the requirement can be much longer.
  • Well, no matter kind of tattoo removal you choose, there will be some form of pain, but laser removal is considered to be a step ahead of older treatments. If you are choosing a professional clinic like epdb.org, you will get a list of skincare instructions to heal the area. The skin after removal is vulnerable, and the service may suggest using a sunscreen and other ointments.


What else to know?

Tattoo removal is a complex process, and after every session, the skin may be red and inflamed, which would need extra care. Keeping the skin protected and clean is extremely important. Take your time to choose a tattoo removal service, because their experience and expertise is the key to better results. Hypopigmentation, which is mostly seen in people with darker skin, is also one of the side effects of tattoo removal, so talk to the experts about any other possible aspect that needs attention.


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