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What Are Corsets and How Are They Used?

Corsets became popular in the nineteenth century. These undergarments have long been used as a way to shape the curves of a woman’s body in a gentle manner. Early corsets were certainly more unforgiving than their modern counterparts, even incorporating uncomfortable whale bones in their manufacturing process. Even so, they were worn by women commonly as a both a fashion accessory, and as a way to create a shapelier figure. Women appreciated the aesthetic effects so much so that they withstood the discomfort for as long as was necessary.


It was during the nineteenth century that the concept of waist training found profound popularity. This concept further drove the development of the corset, as it soon became a fashionable garment worn by women from many different backgrounds. Previously, women used to wear corsets on the outside of their clothing. Though once they became popular as a way to cinch the waistline, they were worn as undergarments. In fact, corsets were popular in the early part of the 20th century amongst fashionable young women, during the so-called “flapper” era in the 1920s, as a way to slim down and create more of an hourglass shape.

The Benefits of Wearing a Corset

Though they fell out of favour sometime after the Second World War, corsets have again found favour as a high fashion item. By contrast with the corsets of the nineteenth century, modern incarnations are made of highly durable, comfortable materials like latex.

Though corsets today are sometimes associated with negative images, the truth is that wearing one has a number of benefits, including:

  • Posture: Our spine and posture have a profound effect on our health. When one suffers pain in the muscles of the back, it is often due to poor posture. Wearing a modern corset straightens the spine and provides excellent lower back support. In fact, some women who might suffer from a crooked spine, due to a degenerative or hereditary illness, may find postural benefits in wearing a corset.
  • Headaches: When the posture is corrected, other symptoms like headaches, neck tension, and migraines may decrease or stop altogether.


  • Support: A waist trainer corset is not just about fashion. The back support provided by it can be useful on a daily basis, especially if one has to endure a job in which one is standing up for a lot of the day. They can even be great if you have a desk job, as many people slouch in chairs, straining their muscles as a result.
  • Menstrual Pain: For some women, menstrual pain can be uncomfortable and even debilitating. Wearing a corset not only provides excellent back support, but also places a gentle pressure on internal organs in the abdomen. This gentle pressure can help to decrease menstrual pain from cramps.
  • Weight Loss: When wearing a corset, the additional pressure on the abdomen can actually help to control eating because the stomach cannot expand much to accommodate large amounts of food. Regulating your appetite is the first step towards losing weight.
  • Confidence: Finally, and perhaps most important to some women, wearing a corset to cinch the waist can actually make them feel more attractive and sexier. For women with self-esteem issues, this can make them an invaluable investment.

Corsets and waist training girdles have a long history of use. They have developed from being a sought after fashion accessory to being a great way to provide postural and back support. This combination of aesthetic improvements and health benefits make corsets popular among women of all shapes and sizes.

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