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Which Rehab Center is Right for You?

Addiction affects millions of Americans every year. It starts in many ways. It could start because your life is stressful and the drugs or alcohol relieve that stress. It could also start simply through recreational use or to treat a physical or mental illness and it goes too far. Regardless of how it starts, rehab is necessary to make sure that you have the skills to end your addiction and avoid relapse.

Choosing between the different rehabs might seem confusing at first but it does not have to be. You just need to examine the types and choose which type fits your personality and your needs best.

Decide on Which Type of Treatment

Your first decision is which type of treatment will work best with your lifestyle and needs. If you have a very severe addiction then inpatient treatment might be the only way to end it. If you have family that you need to take care of while receiving treatment, you will need the freedom that outpatient treatment allows.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is a residential form of treatment. You cannot gain access to drugs or alcohol while you are in inpatient treatment. The treatment center normally provides food, bedding, some toiletries, and of course treatment. This type of treatment helps you make full lifestyle changes. It lets you change your diets, your routines, and your way of thinking and living. Long term inpatient treatment can change your lifestyle completely and it is up to you to keep these changes once you leave inpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a nonresidential form of treatment. You go to the treatment center daily, weekly, or monthly. Normally you start out attending daily sessions and then gradually move toward a more open treatment schedule. If you have family to look after or a job you cannot take time away from outpatient treatment can work best. It is important to know that outpatient treatment is sometimes difficult if you have a severe addiction because you might be exposed to triggers before you learn how to deal with them.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

During partial hospitalization, you begin your treatment in an inpatient setting. This helps you learn your triggers and begin to learn how to deal with them. It also can help you avoid drugs or alcohol during the worst parts of withdrawal. After you are through with the inpatient portion of partial hospitalization, you transition into an outpatient program. When you transition, the treatment center gives you all of the support that you need to recover from your addiction.

Many people choose partial hospitalization for the continuing support that it provides. It allows you to experience the best of both worlds. The security of inpatient treatment during the worst of the withdrawal and the support of a more relaxed outpatient program is appealing when you have other obligations.

Decide on a Treatment Location

Deciding on a treatment location is your next big decision. You can find rehab centers in many states across the country. There are northern rehab centers like rehab centers NY, southern rehab centers such as rehab centers FL, and western rehab centers like rehab center CA. You can find a rehab center in almost every rural, metropolitan, and suburban area in the United States.

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